Textbook Errata

Here are the errors found to date in Java: Learning to Program with Robots. Please send additions to the list to bwbecker@learningwithrobots.com.

Ch Page Where Error Thanks to
1 12 Figure 1-8 The constructor is missing a comma after int anAvenue. LK, 15-Jan-08
1 20 Last sentence in 1.4.4 Delete the last sentence in section 1.4.4. Some statements we discuss later do not end in a semicolon. LK, 15-Jan-08
1 38 Fig 1-25 The frame should have a title of "FramePlay" to match the code. SK, 29-Sep-09
1 41 Line -5 Direction.East which should be replaced with Direction.EAST. BWB, 15-Jun-06
2.6.1 87 Line 2 Signature is defined as a method's name, return type, and parameter (types). It should not include return type. SK, 25-Oct-09
2 96 Listing 2-14 Line 6 should omit "extends Object" to be consistent with the rest of the book. BWB, 15-Jun-06
2 101 Listing 2.16 The given code will throw an exception if the robot attempts to pick up or put down a Thing. This is an error in becker.jar. A corrected version is available for download. A workaround that works with the distributed version is to add the following line to the ArmRobotIcon constructor:
SW at ISU, 12-Jun-06
2 Examples In the file examplesch02experimentExperimentRobot.java in the Constructor and in the call to super, the street and avenue are interchanged. Street should be the 2nd argument, after City. SK, 24-Sep-09
3 131 Line 38 this.harvestIntersekction(); has an extra "k". SK, 25-Oct-09
3 132 Fig 3-6 The box labeled goToNextRow() in the second row should be labeled positionForNextHarvest(). BWB, 15-Jun-06
4 179 Middle of page !this.canPickThing should be !this.canPickThing(). SK, 11-Nov-09
4 194 Listing 4-5 In Line 6 "RectanglePlanterextendsRobotSE" should have spaces added: "RectanglePlanter extends RobotSE". TK, 26-Feb-07
6 283 Listing 6-4 Line 4 should omit "extends Object" to be consistent with the rest of the book.
In Line 4 the class name should be TestSimpleBot to match the text earlier on the page.
BWB, 14-Jun-06; SK, 11-Nov-09
6 284 Listing 6-5 Line 8 should read this.direction instead of simply direction to be consistent with the rest of the book. BWB, 14-Jun-06
6 287 Listing 6-6 Line 15 should read private int direction = Constants.EAST; to be consistent with the previous discussion. BWB, 15-Jun-06
6 291 Listing 6-7 Line 14 should have sensorX - 6 and sensorY - 6 instead of sensorX - 5 and sensorY - 5. BWB, 15-Jun-06
6 300 Lines 10-11 In the short listing, the lines labelled 11 and 12 City should be replaced with SimpleCity and Direction should be int. SW at ISU, 10-Oct-06
7 342   The text fails to mention importing java.text.NumberFormat. BWB 26-Jun-06
7357Para 1"the keyword class replaces the keyword enum..." should read "the keyword enum replaces the keyword class..."TK 24-Mar-06
7 383 Line -8 The declaration of uniqueID includes the keyword final; it should not. BWB 26-Jun-06
7 389 Problem 7.14b FuncB should implement IQuadraticFunction (note the I). MB 12-Jun-12
8 437 Para 4 The template for the foreach statement should include <<statements using varName>> as the body of the loop. BWB 27-Jun-06
9 479 Line 7 A closing parenthesis is missing. BWB 1-Aug-06
9 509 Line 14 The second bullet of Related Patterns should read "The action of reading one record..." BWB 3-Aug-06
10 533 Mid-page The pseudocode is missing a return at the end. BWB 15-Aug-06
10 546 Listing 10-8 Line 6 has readInt(); it should be nextInt(). BWB 22-Aug-06