Class StreetlightIcon

  extended by becker.robots.icons.Icon
      extended by becker.robots.icons.CompositeIcon
          extended by becker.robots.icons.StreetlightIcon

public class StreetlightIcon
extends CompositeIcon

An icon used to display a Streetlight.

Byron Weber Becker

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
StreetlightIcon(Color lightColor, Color postColor, double relativeSize)
          Construct a new icon.
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Constructor Detail


public StreetlightIcon(Color lightColor,
                       Color postColor,
                       double relativeSize)
Construct a new icon.

lightColor - The color used for the light shining from the streetlight.
postColor - The color used for the streetlight's post.
relativeSize - A value between 0.0 (very small) and 1.0 (large).