Installing Software For
Java: Learning to Program with Robots

There are three basic steps to installing software to use with Java: Learning to Program with Robots. The steps outlined below and the software on the CD assume you are installing on a computer running Windows. If not, the basic steps still apply, but you will need to figure out the specifics on your own.

  1. Install the Java Development Kit. This is the software from Sun Microsystems, the creator of Java, that allows us to develop and run Java programs.
  2. Install an Integrated Development Environment, or IDE. There are many; you'll need to choose which one to install. Your instructor will likely have opinions on this matter. When you get to that step, we'll present a brief overview of the most popular IDEs for beginners, ordered from the least complex to use to the most complex.
  3. Install the software that Java: Learning to Program with Robots uses in its examples.

Use the links in the table of contents on the right to navigate through the steps.